Chill Horizons Series


July 14 2015.  The New Horizons spacecraft sped past Pluto, snapping pictures, gathering data, and creating, in effect, a “scientific bonanza” while giving witness to previously unseen and uncharted sights on the edge of our solar system.  We launched our Chill Horizons Chapbook Series in solidarity, an effort where we sought glimpses of beauty and darkness and hybridity in the hidden contours of the literary cosmos.  

And after months of diligent work and preparation, we are proud to announce our findings.

Chill Horizons Chapbook Series consists of seven books released over a series of seven months, or slightly more than half the time it takes to make one revolution around the sun. The first fifty copies of each chapbook included a limited edition print as a centerfold to accompany the text. The final line-up includes works by:


Heather McShane – No Home But Everywhere


Suman Chhabra – Demons Off


Hannah McHugh – A More Concise Metric/A Mitigation of Risks/A List of Things I Discovered During an Exorcism


Holly Lee Warren – Glaciation     


Mairead Case – Tenderness


Brad Vogler – errand: a version of


Evelyn Hampton – Madam         


Additionally! You can get the full Chill Horizons series at once.  The cost? $40—a meager amount, which will bring not only the delight of a new chapbook in the mail each month, but also it will help us fund this series and others like it.